About US Telecom Limited

US Telecom Limited - HK Based, established since 1999.
We distribute branded electronics,  namely in the category of Telecom, Walkie Talkie,  Medical Devices, Wellness Product,  Batteries, Power Strip,  Power Reels, Audio and Cookware.
We are stockist of these products.  We provide ready stock, competitive prices  and professional sales service.

Achievements over the years: 


  GE Telecom

Asia Exclusive Distributor in 2000 – 2010


Asia Exclusive Distributor since 2009

  Alcatel Telecom 

Asian Distributor in 2010 -2014


Licensee in 2014-2016


Licensee in 2013-2015


Batteries Distributor since 2014


Distributor since 2015

  Masterplug and Pro-XT 

Distributor since 2019


About Uniden

Uniden is a Japan based company since 1966. Listed in Tokyo stock exchange under the stock code TYO 6815. Uniden continues to be a leading developer of telecom and electronic products with today’s most cutting-edge technology.

About Masterplug

Masterplug is well-known UK brands with 75+ years’ experience and market share in UK is over 50%. Product ranges including: Extension leads, Plug, Reels and Timer etc.